About us

Verito is a colombian fashion brand with a timeless, feminine and childish esthetic that offers garments for the day-to-day of girls.

Verito was born in the heart of a mother, in 2019, when she was looking for clothes for her little girl (Verónica) and found that the "little girls section" wall full of clothes that seem to be womens' clothes but just in smaller sizes. Then, she decided to start making clothes for little girs that dress according to their age.

Verito represents the like of Verónica, who was the first inspiration of this brand, and her mother's intention to dress her according to her age and with the perfect touch of magic and elegance. But, also the intention to make easier and funnier the day-to-day of our little girls and ours with them.


This company is possible thanks to the support of: