Collection: Pink, not Pink

When Vero was about to her third birthday, she was helping to make some decoration for the party and I was using this time to teach her about the colors. So I showed something blue (for example) and told her "this is the color blue"... Then, to check if she was getting the info, I asked her to tell me the color of any object that I showed her. The first object I showed her was pink and she, in a very smart and quick way, inmediately said "PINK". Then I showed her a second object with a diferent color (honestly I don't remerber the color now just that it was different than the first one) and she in a smarter way just answered "NO PINK". 

At that moment she was being so smart to answer my question with the information se knew but now, some years later I remember this funny situation to think about how (with or without being aware about it) it seems that the Pink color is the color of femininty and ever more the color of the little girls. Pink is the color we think about most of the times when buying a gift for a newborn baby girl, or an accesory for a little girl.

And, is it wrong? Well, everybody can like (or dislike) any color. So, if you like pink, perfect! But if you don't like it, perfect! The important thing heres is that if we choose a color to dress ourselves, we should choose it because we like it and not because we think that there are colors to be used only by girls. There are too many colors, all of them beautiful and all of them perfect to dress ourselves or our little girls. That's why this collection PINK, NO PINK is made with a wide range of colors, where of course is the pink, but also many others.

This collection presents different kind of garments, mainly with basic shapes and solid colors that invite our little girls to play with colors and mix them up while they are well dressed for every activity.